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    • alexm102

      I agree about the technology stuff, but, asaGen Y’erIthink our generation *does* think it is entitled to things and it’s even evident in the article. “It’s not our fault we live at home, the economy is crappy.”-puts the locus of control onanebulous other to make it possible for you to contribute to your living situation and findaway to become independent. Speaking of which: Why is the goal to “getajob”? Shouldn’t the goal be to “makealiving”? If you can’t findajob, makeajob. Figure out something other people want or need that you can do and start doing it, and working at it. Become excellent at it. (Check out this fantastic guide to starting your own “side hustle”) The government isn’t going to save you and you should DEFINITELY not count on Social Security to still be around when we get there. It won’t be-even if you believe it is sustainable, the dishonesty of politicians has and will ruin our ability to collect any of it. You are responsible for your own life, your own retirement, and your own happiness. That’s what they didn’t teach us in school when they were spending time cramming standardized tests down our throats and it is the most important stuff to know.

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