25 Times Rosa Diaz From "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Was The Best Character On TV

    "Tough. Smart. Hard to read."

    1. She's always prepared.

    Fox / Via smolperalta.tumblr.com

    2. She can and will beat anyone in a fight.

    Fox / Via uncertainty4surety.tumblr.com

    3. She knows the importance of organization.

    Fox / Via misomeru.tumblr.com

    4. But knows that staying cool is top priority.

    Fox / Via buffyfaiths.tumblr.com

    5. She knows that actions speak louder than words.

    Fox / Via timetravelersloth.tumblr.com

    6. She has no time for sexism in the workplace.

    Fox / Via gallifreyns.tumblr.com

    7. She's fearless and tells it like it is.

    Fox / Via thehumanandthebanshee.tumblr.com

    8. She's terrifying (especially to her colleagues).

    Fox / Via melissabinoist.tumblr.com

    9. And is just as terrifying when she's sick.

    Fox / Via ninenine-brooklyn.tumblr.com

    10. But she'll always look out for those she cares about.

    Fox / Via wenchyfloozymoo.tumblr.com

    11. Sometimes to extreme levels...

    Fox / Via b99.tumblr.com

    12. She has a solid relationship with her boss.

    Fox / Via lukesdane.tumblr.com

    13. She works hard, but she plays hard too.

    Fox / Via smolperalta.tumblr.com

    14. She doesn't mind calling people out.

    Fox / Via b99.tumblr.com

    15. Especially when people say dumb stuff

    Fox / Via dream-of-phraxos.tumblr.com

    16. She has relatable problems with technology.

    Fox / Via saartjedegroot.tumblr.com

    17. She doesn't bother with unnecessary small talk.

    Fox / Via b99thingsv2.tumblr.com

    18. She's confident and smooth AF.

    Fox / Via breytons.tumblr.com

    19. She's one step ahead of everyone else.

    Fox / Via b99.tumblr.com

    20. She's not one to let emotions get in the way.

    Fox / Via misomeru.tumblr.com

    21. And she has some interesting coping mechanisms.

    Fox / Via island-delver-go.tumblr.com

    22. She knows what makes good gossip.

    Fox / Via televisiongif.tumblr.com

    23. She is the queen of shutting people down.

    Fox / Via gyakutensaibans.tumblr.com

    24. She knows how to dress up for special occasions.

    Fox / Via bonnibels.tumblr.com

    25. And finally, she's a damn good cop and knows it.

    Fox / Via samanthapanther.tumblr.com

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