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    19 Reasons Why Nicole Kidman Is A National Treasure

    Happy birthday Nic!

    1. This is Nicole Kidman

    2. She can be dramatic and powerful as she was in The Hours...

    3. ...or heartbreakingly beautiful like she was in Moulin Rouge...

    4. ...or Jennifer Aniston's hilarious rival in Just Go With It

    5. She was so endearing when she won her Oscar

    6. She is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

    7. One of her first major roles was as a BMX Bandit

    8. Although her hair is amazing now, it was FABULOUS back in the 80s

    9. She did this to Jimmy Kimmel

    10. And went on a "date" with Jimmy Fallon

    11. And she is married (thankfully) to the lovely Keith Urban

    12. They make the perfect couple

    13. Baz Luhrman obviously loves her

    14. And she was in the most glorious and theatrical perfume ad ever

    View this video on YouTube

    Directed by Baz of course

    15. Her duet of "Somethin' Stupid" with Robbie Williams is sublime

    16. Her red carpet style is on point

    17. Did Beyoncé write Flawless about Ms Kidman?

    18. Her bestie is fellow Aussie screen goddess, Naomi Watts

    19. And finally, she knows the importance of sun protection

    20. Stay fabulous, Nicole