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Scott Morrison Made A #ByeZayn Joke So We Can All Go Home Now

Sco Mo gettin' down with the kids.

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Social services minister Scott Morrison has jumped on board the Zayn train, with this totally hip, groovy and topical tweet:

@EwenJonesMP it's your time to shine "The world's biggest boyband is now down a member. ”

It's the latest attempt to soften up the former immigration minister's tough guy's image. Just yesterday, Scott Morrison was getting down with an ever younger audience, dancing the "Wombat Wobble"at a childcare centre in Geelong.

Or maybe Scott Morrison is just happy to have found another Directioner in Liberal Queensland MP Ewen Jones.

@ScottMorrisonMP I have already sent in my audition tape. I was unlucky to miss out the first time!! #Igotthemoves

Could the humble MP be the newest member of One Direction?

"i can't even rn like zayn is gone but ewens smile is sooooo cute idk also he is working to improve services for residents Townsville n ive never seen harry do that b4 u kno??????"