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Watch Russell Brand Do A Spot On Impersonation Of Aussie Politicians

The British comedian says he'll tour Australia "wearing Johnny Depp’s dead dogs as slippers”.

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Comedian Russell Brand was interviewed on The Project , and he went on a hilarious tirade about the saga of Johnny Depp's dogs and agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce.

“What’s the name of your agriculture minister? Jacoby Pippins?” Brand said, before putting on his best blokey accent:

"'I'm Jacoby Pippins, I don't care about this Johnny Christopher Depp, whatever his name is. It doesn't matter if you're Captain Jack Sparrow, the rules are the same for everybody.' He sounded like Johnny Depp had broke his heart. He took it so personal!”

Here's Barnaby Joyce's now world-famous interview where he threatened to put down Johnny Depp's dogs, for comparison:

Brand, who will tour Australia in October, took aim at our strict customs regulations, threatening to smuggle his pet dogs and cats into the country.

Asked about his cat Morrisey, the comedian said "he's already there, breeding with Australian cats without protection."

"I’m sneaking all sorts of canines, fruits and crops into your country — none of it’s going to be registered. I have a banana in me right now,” he said.

When the panel showed Brand a clip of education minister Christopher Pyne's "I'm a fixer" interview he fired back with his own impression.

“I’ve got a surprise for you. You don’t need to know my policies. You’ll know them when they happen. I’ve got a little surprise. I have my nipple pierced. I’m tweaking it right now.”