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    Here's What The “Why Don’t We Have Both” Girl Looks Like Now

    It's a meme come true.

    Everyone knows the "Why don't we have both?" girl. She's the adorable little meme you turn to when you just can't choose between two options.

    The meme's origins are from a globally-aired TV commercial for an Old El Paso taco kit that comes with both crunchy tacos and soft tortillas.

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    In the ad, a family is arguing over whether to have hard or soft tacos are better, even bringing out a taco wheel to help with the decision, when the little girl shrugs and asks: "¿Porque no los dos?" Having put an end to the taco feud, she is hoisted atop shoulders and celebrated as a hero in her village.

    She's basically responsible for settling every argument on the Internet.

    Today, the little girl is 14-years-old. Her name's Mia, and she's an Australian school student!

    Mia told BuzzFeed News that it feels pretty weird to be a meme.

    "Some kids ask if I got paid with a lifetime supply of tacos!" Mia said.

    So what's next for the Taco Girl? Mia is a gifted artist, but says she's also interested in psychology.

    So, she's thinking of becoming an art therapist.

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