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15 Spectacular Photos Of The Southern Lights That You Won't Believe Are Real

Monday night lights: Clear skies, full hearts, can't lose.

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1. You can usually only see the ethereal lights of the Aurora Australis from Antarctica and Tasmania, but last night it was also captured by photographers in NSW, Victoria, WA and New Zealand!

2. Photographer Lachlan Manley took these shots from a nature reserve south of Geelong in Victoria.

3. The fiery sky was reflected off a lake in Jindabyne, near the NSW snowy mountains.

4. This photo was snapped at Montara Winery, in Ararat, southeastern Victoria.

5. You could even watch the aurora slink across the sky from Sydney's northern beaches!

6. HOW IS THIS EVEN REAL? A stunning timelapse by David Finlay and Rudi Vavra at Kiama on the NSW south coast.

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7. The heavenly light show is caused by electrically charged electrons and protons speeding down magnetic field lines and colliding with neutral atoms in the earth's atmosphere.

Lights of Austalis early this morning. Well worth getting up at 4am. #southernlights#aurora#earlymorning#australis

8. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the collisions cause the atoms to emit light at different wavelengths, in a process known as fluorescence.

A Girl Abroad took this photo - Just a little #Aurora action from #Traralgon this morning! @ABCNews24 @774melbourne

9. The sky turned from UFO green to candy pink and deep violet over Tasmania.

southern lights #auroraaustralis #tasmania 15 april 2015 #d750 ISO1600 f/3.5 6sec 24mm/1.4 samyang

10. This photographer captured the stars swirling across a colourful canvas at Gerringong on the NSW south coast.

@Nate_Toolijooa: #startrail with #auroraaustralis taken at Gerringong @973ABCIllawarra

11. Idzani at Werribee Park described seeing the southern lights as a dream come true!

12. This person couldn't even wait to get this photo off his camera!

13. In New Zealand, the cold, clear Queenstown night was the perfect opportunity for this photographer to capture his mate and his dog enjoying the show.

14. And while thousands of Aussies and Kiwis flock to Iceland each year to get a glimpse of the northern lights...

15. ...These photos prove there's plenty of aurora action right here at home!