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    8 Australian Political Scandals That Will Make You Blush

    Everyone lost their minds over a rowdy office party that ended with a smashed marble table, but these scandals show Aussie politics can get so much dirtier.

    1. The chair-sniffer

    2. The marital sex desk

    3. The party-crossed lovers

    Star of the Australian Democrats (remember them?) Cheryl Kernot, shocked everyone when she defected to the Labor Party in 1997.

    But later it was revealed that she was having an affair with Labor senator Gareth Evans that lasted for five years.

    The pair denied the rumours for years until journalist Laurie Oakes exposed them in 2002, with an email from Evans describing their relationship as a "grand consuming passion."

    4. The captain's prick

    5. The foreign minister's fishnets

    As always #FishnetFriday pay homage to @alexanderdowner former Foreign Minister and patron saint of #FishnetStockings

    No matter if you're one of the country's longest serving foreign ministers, you pose for ONE PHOTO in leopard print heels and fishnets for a charity event and suddenly that's all anyone remembers you for. Politics is cruel isn't it, Alexander Downer?

    But don't feel too bad for him. Speaking at a NSW Liberal event one night, he made an awful pun on the party's slogan "The Things That Matter", saying that their domestic violence policy should be "The Things That Batter", referring to the abusive husbands.


    6. The "titty-fucking" police minister

    7. The Family First member exposed

    8. The politician who died doing what he loved