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9 Things You Should Know About Annabel Crabb

"I think I've been called Nazi more in the last 48 hours than ever before."

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"I think I've been called 'Nazi' more in the last 48 hours than ever before, it's been bracing," Crabb said, referring to the outpouring of tweets accusing her of "humanising" treasurer (and former immigration minister) Scott Morrison.

"I get all sorts of helpful feedback all the time," she joked.

"I think we owe an obligation to the great central tenets of democracy to try and engage as many people as possible. I don't think with the rather snobbish view that you can't be interested in politics until you've consumed The Financial Review and The Sydney Morning Herald and every daily newspaper," she said.

It's all about broadening the appeal of politics to more people.

"I like to think that if you publish and broadcast different kinds of content about politics, and give people different access points to politics than you're working to include a greater proportion of the population."


"(Political) decisions, being subjective, are absolutely affected by that person's upbringing, their experiences in life, their passions, their motivations," she argued.

"Once you understand a bit more about those backgrounds, you can understand why they're making the choices that they make. That's why I think finding out more about these decision makers' lives and motivations and backgrounds is not just interesting, or amusing or whatever."

Hint: Annabel Crabb was born and raised a proud South Australian.


"We never, because we both have jobs and kids and stuff like that, we weren't ever really getting together or having a proper chat," said Crabb.

The ABC and others have come knocking for a piece of the podcast but it'll stay their fun thing for now.

"It feels like an obligation now. A charming one, though."


"You can't write with passion and authority unless you're interested in other things," she said, suggesting young people get some diverse interests.

"You need to have a pool of knowledge or an interest or a drive to find out more about a particular subject area. Always follow down every rabbit hole that interests you, whether it's politics or whether it's craft or sailing or I don't know."

Crabb believes it's so much harder for women to get into cabinet, especially if they want to have kids.

"It's... certainly not resembling in any way what happens with men, who've been breeding like marmots in cabinet since the federation, and no one ever makes a fuss about that," she said.

"I actually think there are quotas for all sorts of things, particularly in cabinets. You've got to have x amount of people from South Australia, x amount of Nats. You've got to make sure the factions are all balanced. So there are quotas."

"Having one that only involves women is the only one that seems to freak people out."

Then Annabel Crabb finished the interview by making her signature Eton Mess, which you can learn to make here.

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