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This Is How Many Crossbenchers Will Vote For University Deregulation

Christopher Pyne's uni reform bill is headed for defeat in the upper house. Can the fixer fix it? Probably not.

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The government needs six positive votes from the crossbench for its university deregulation legislation to pass the senate. Here's how they've said they will vote tomorrow.

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A spokesman for senator David Leyonhjelm has issued a statement to BuzzFeed News and said after negotiations with Christopher Pyne today, the senator "looks likely to support the Government bills pending some amendments making universities more accountable for the repayment of HECS loans."

BuzzFeed News contacted senators John Madigan and has not yet received a response but The Australian is reporting that John Madigan is still considering his position.

A spokesman for Family First senator Bob Day told BuzzFeed News he "still supports the remaining aspects of the higher education reform package."

Despite education minister Christopher Pyne yesterday declaring himself "the fixer", with so many senators opposed to the bill, it's hugely unlikely that he'll get the crossbench votes needed to pass his higher education reforms.

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But the minister says he hasn't given up just yet.

Nick Xenophon compares Education Minister Christopher Pyne to Monty Python's Black Knight over #highered reforms.