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    Can You Guess How Many Government MPs Showed Up To Watch Labor's Marriage Equality Bill?

    Hint: It's not many.

    "This is a moment bigger than politics," declared opposition leader Bill Shorten as he introduced a bill to legalise same sex marriage in Australia.

    But this is the audience that faced him as he gave his speech.

    Only five members of the Coalition turned up to hear the bill being introduced to the House: Bob Baldwin, Russell Broadbent, Darren Chester, Mal Brough, and Andrew Broad.

    Labor is calling on Tony Abbott to allow a conscience vote for his party on the issue.

    But the Greens have criticised the timing of the bill, arguing instead for cross-party legislation.

    The Greens will support #marriageequality - every vote, every time. But a bill the whole parliament can own has the best chance of success.