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14 Annoying Things Native Americans Hear From Non-Natives

"Oh, do you have any reservations?" Yes, yes I have many.

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2. "Well, you don't look Native American!"

Well, that's because I'm just trying to blend in, it has nothing to do with intermarriage or mixed heritage. When I get home I'll take off all this makeup, put on some Mocs and do a war dance in my tipi.

3. Everyone is interested in your family tree until you start talking about it / Via!siarchives&uri=full=3100001~!11529~!0#focus

"Oh, there must have been some great chiefs in your family tree! Wait, I don't know who that is. Never mind."


11. Anything to do with powwows / Via

No, I don't dance (no rhythm). Yes, my tribe does them. Yes, I have family members that participate. Yes, you can go if you don't act weird. No, please don't imitate what you saw at one.

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