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15 Things That Will Absolutely Ruin A Scorpio's Day

It's hard out here for a scorp.

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1. Seeing someone you don't like succeed at something.

Island Records / Via

2. When someone you find attractive completely ignores you to talk to someone else.

BBC / Via

I am RIGHT here.

3. Being told to "calm down" in any situation.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

Turn down for what?

4. Mildly failing at a very simple task.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via


5. Having a strong emotional reaction to something that doesn't seem to bother everyone else.

ShondaLand / Via

I'll just sit here alone in a pile of my feelings, don't worry about it.

6. Having someone shush you because you were talking too loudly while excited.

7. Running into somebody on your Shit List and not being able to come up with a scathing enough greeting.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

8. Turning in work that you're not 100% proud of.

Nike / Via

9. Fundamentally disagreeing with somebody you respect.


Sorry, I can't reconcile thinking you're cool with how much of an idiot you're being.

10. Telling someone a small detail from a previous conversation and having them treat you like a freak for "actually remembering that."

The CW / Via

Sorry you're a goldfish but my Scorpio memory is amazing.

11. Waiting in line a liiiittle longer than you expected to.

NBCUniversal / Via

12. Specifying that you would rather be contacted by text but having some bonehead call you up anyway.

NBCUniversal Television / Via

What did I JUST say?

13. When people say "bye" on the phone and continue to talk for ten more minutes.

Castle Rock Entertainment / Via

I was REALLY looking forward to not talking to you.

14. Somebody asking you a question and then a second later, answering it for themselves.

NBCUniversal Television / Via

You bothered me because?

15. And when someone else takes credit for an idea that YOU had.

Disney Pixar / Via

Revenge will be yours someday.

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