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All 44 Places It's Possible To Have Sex In "The Sims"


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If you play The Sims in any of its iterations, you know that Sims are almost always DTW (Down to Woohoo!). Here's where they can do it.

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This list is compiled of all possible "Woohoo" or "Try For Baby" locations from The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3 and its extended downloadable content, and The Sims 4 up until the Get To Work expansion. Let us know if we missed any!

1. In bed.

2. In a special ~vibrating~ heart bed.

3. In various hot tubs, with the exception of one specific hot tub from The Sims.

4. In a car.

5. In the shower.

6. In a hammock.

7. In a tent.

8. In a changing room in a store.

9. In a photo booth.

10. In a sauna.

11. In an elevator.

12. In a helicopter, if you're feeling fancy.

13. In a tent while camping.

14. In a walk-in closet. Not a normal closet. Just a walk-in.

15. In your local military base.

16. In a science lab.

17. In a movie theater.

18. In your local city hall.

19. In the Vault of Antiquity, if you're into that.

20. In a mausoleum, perhaps with a sexy ghost.

21. In a film studio.

22. In a magical fairy greenhouse.

23. In a magical fairy regular-house.


24. In a sarcophagus, with potentially disastrous results.

25. In a time machine; see above.

26. In a trailer.

27. In a gondola.

28. In a haystack.

29. In a futuristic holo-subway car.

30. In a robot building pod.

31. In the air, with a jetpack, with another Sim who is also wearing a jetpack.

32. In a cave in the ocean, somehow without dying.

33. In a magician's vanishing box.

34. In a shower that is also a toilet.

35. In an igloo

36. In a wagon where you can also get your Sim's fortune told.

37. In a raked-up pile of leaves.

38. In a wardrobe of the magical variety.

39. In a hotel room.

40. In a rocket ship.

41. In an observatory.

42. In a hot air balloon.

43. In a treehouse.

44. In the local spa.