Who’s Your Favorite Fandom Couple?

The faces that launched a thousand ships.

1. In every fandom there is a tendency to pair off your favorite characters. Who is your OTP*?

Walt Disney Pictures / Via knowyourmeme.com

*OTP = One True Pairing

2. Do you rally behind the romances that are written in the story?

Clerkenwell Films / Via fanforum.com

3. Or do you delight in imagining the many ships that might have been?

Heyday Films / Via gryffndors.tumblr.com

4. Do you keep your ship afloat in the same fandom?

Hartswood Films / Via cumber-bitches.tumblr.com

5. Or do cross-fandom relationships hit you right in the feels?

BriannatheStrange / Via dailylagniappe.tumblr.com

Jack X Elsa forever #neverletitgo

6. Is your favorite ship the best because of how cute they are together?

Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures / Via giphy.com

7. Or because they’re both just really hot.

ABC Studios / Via captainswanouat.tumblr.com

8. Whoever you like and whatever your reasons are — share your favorite fandom couple in the comments below!

Your Face Goes Here Entertainment / Via truebloodhbogifs.tumblr.com

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