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23 Things That Are Actually Great About Summer In New York

We trade garbage funk for rooftop parties and that's OK.

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1. Walking through Washington Square Park and letting the fountain mist settle over you like magically cold fairy dust. / Via

2. Or walking through and hearing the sweet, sweet sounds of Grand Piano Guy.

3. Rooftop parties in Brooklyn that give you a tiny, twinkly view of the Manhattan skyline.

4. Walking into an ice cream parlor on a hot day and breathing in that sugary, refrigerated air smell.

5. Walking down the street in hot weather and suddenly getting spritzed with a lovely sunshower.

6. Hearing the Mr. Softee jingle down your block and watching the neighborhood kids go crazy.

7. Visiting Governors Island and looking at all the cool forts and pretty mansions.

8. Accidentally getting tan just by running errands around your neighborhood.

9. Longer days mean longer happy hours, and it's still kind of light out when you walk home.

10. Seeing beautiful people walk around SoHo in amazing sundresses, making you want to up your summer fashion game.

11. Same goes for everyone's flawless funky sunglasses game.

12. Everybody in the city looks shiny and sweaty after a while so we're all on the same level, aesthetically.

13. Getting in a subway car that is actually air-conditioned and not that crowded OR smelly.

14. When a long heat wave breaks with a huge thunderstorm and everything is right with the world.

15. Street fairs that stop traffic on seemingly random roads and have funnel cake stands by the dozen.

16. Seeing Central Park wake up in the early morning as you wait in line for Shakespeare in the Park tickets.

17. Bars with patios or gardens in the back. Especially if they have many plants.

18. Sneaking wine into a picnic basket and spending a whole Saturday reading books and eating cheese al fresco.

19. Free movies in Bryant Park, complete with snacks.

20. Crawling out of people's living room windows to air out on the fire escape when the party gets too hot.

21. Warm, muggy weather lulling you to sleep in the middle of the day (assuming you don't have any work to do...).

22. Looking at all the cool costumes at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade.

23. And while you're there, sinking your teeth into a perfect Nathan's hot dog with a side of cheesy fries.

New York Summer, you're OK with us!

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