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    25 Things All People Who Stutter Will Understand

    Hands up if you cried during The King's Speech.

    1. Not being able to introduce yourself because you get stuck on YOUR OWN NAME.

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    2. Having to scramble for a new word mid-sentence so you don't have to say the one that you know will trip you up.

    3. Literally becoming one with your desk to avoid having to read aloud in class.

    4. Reading a word and knowing, with your stutter-senses, that you would NEVER be able to say that out loud.

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    Definitive. Definitive. Yeah, not gonna happen.

    5. Just stopping in the middle of a sentence and hoping that everyone thinks you're just trying to build suspense.

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    6. Perfecting your stutter-distraction strategies like the fake cough...


    7. ...the "Oh, would you look at that!"

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    8. ...the "What was I saying again?"


    I know what I was saying, I just can't...say it right now.

    9. The way people tell you they "omg NEVER noticed" you have a stutter.

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    Please be more condescending.

    10. Or even weirder, when you tell them you have a stutter and someone says "no you don't."

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    Uh, yes I do.

    11. Hearing someone else pause when they speak and wondering if they're like you.

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    Do you phrase things differently or is that a block I'm hearing?

    12. And feeling an instant affinity for them when you find out that, yes, they also have a stutter.

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    Let's hang out and not talk to each other, new bestie!

    13. Wanting to punch someone in their stupid face for completing your sentence for you.

    TLC / Via

    This isn't Mad Libs, idiot.

    14. Especially when they complete your sentence with the wrong word and you're like, "wtf?"

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    Why would I even say that?

    15. Or when you're reading out loud (eek) and someone prompts you with the word you're stuck on.

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    16. Getting pissed at how fakey and cartoonish TV characters with stutters can be.

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    We don't even sound like that.

    17. Not being able to ask an important question in class because your larynx is just not up to the task right now.

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    18. Picking what to order at a restaurant based on what you'll be able to pronounce.

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    Really wanted that S-S-Salisbury steak but I guess I'll just get a burger.

    19. Wanting to buy a cake for whoever made texting the default communication of the modern world.

    20. And straight up not making friends with people who "prefer to use the phone."

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    No, it's literally out of the question.

    21. Because picking up the phone and not being able to answer is the most awkward thing ever.

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    22. Leaving a stuttery voicemail with lots of pauses and cringing the whole time.

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    23. Requiring a whole different level of preparation for a job interview.

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    Just practice saying everything a million times and it should all work out, right? RIGHT?

    24. Getting low grades for class presentations even though you know everything about the topic.

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    "Seemed hesitant, did not present information clearly."

    25. And of course, people making fun of your stutter before they realize that you're not faking it.

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