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27 Things All Girl-Guy Roommates Will Understand

No really, we're not together.

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1. You have perfected the art of subtly letting people know you're not dating.

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2. But you can easily fake being a couple for those situations where an instant bae is needed.

3. The battle for bathroom cabinet space is more of a postwar concession treaty.

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4. Hair is everywhere, whether it be long head hair or short, uh...beard hair.

5. Nothing is more awkward than that first time you really blow up the bathroom, but you just get used to it.

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6. You optimize each others' online dating profiles.

20th Century Fox / Via

"Which one of these makes me look m—"

"That one."

7. You actually do borrow each others' stuff all the time.

Ark Music Factory / Via

8. Because dudes have snugglier sweatshirts.

9. And ladies' hairbrushes just work better, for some reason.

10. You can't truly know someone until you see how they handle the aftermath of an atomic fart.

New Line Cinema / Via

11. You're brutally honest about each others' dating choices.

Village Roadshow Pictures / Via

The number of times my roomie has let me know that I'm crushing on a "garbage person" is uncountable.

12. Your first role is that of a roomie, your second role is that of an on-site flirty text decoder.

20th Century Fox / Via


13. And an in-house fashion consultant.

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"Can you teach me how to wear a scarf?"

14. And an ego boosting machine for when you really need it.


"No you are so handsome I promise. I would not lie to you."

15. It's motivating to always have someone to go to parties with...

Comedy Central / Via

16. ...but also really awesome when you both decide to bail and stay in to watch The Dark Knight instead.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

17. The phrase "beer me" is sacred.

For the love of god, beer her.

18. It's only polite to give a few days notice for impending menstruation, to give everyone time to prepare.

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19. Coming up with a "manly chic" vibe for your living space is way harder than anyone thinks.

20. You've learned a lot from each other re: personal grooming.

E / Via

21. You don't know how but you accidentally dress alike sometimes.

22. Personal boundaries basically stop existing.

Augenblick Studios / Via

You want me to pluck that unibrow or nah?

23. You pick up each other's catchphrases.

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24. You can credit your roomie with introducing you to an entire universe of new music, TV shows, and movies.

25. Having someone with a big purse/lots of pockets is really handy when you go out together.

26. You get real comfortable with each others' friend groups, to the point where you're officially "one of the girls/guys."

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27. Anyone who thinks that girl-boy living situations are "drama free" has never seen how catty you both can get.

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But cattiness aside: you know that you wouldn't want to live with anybody else.

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