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    15 Signs You're The Oswald Cobblepot Of Your Friend Group

    Gotham totally needs you.

    1. You never show up at a party empty-handed.

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    Always bring snacks!

    2. You have a great relationship with your mom.

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    3. You just seem to understand people on a really deep level.

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    So intuitive.

    4. You always say that there's no such thing as overdressing.

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    Damn you fly.

    5. Absolutely no one throws shade quite like you do.

    6. People are jealous of your flawless hair game.

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    Spiky fringe on fleek.

    7. You come up with your best ideas in the bathtub.

    8. Your friends often describe you as a "homicidal maniac" or "creeper nut job with a bum leg and a switchblade." LOL.

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    9. You're the kind of person who will drop by a friend's house just to say, "Howdy!"

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    10. You're nothing if not chivalrous.

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    11. You always know the perfect gift to get that special someone.

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    And when they inevitably stab you with it, you take it in stride.

    12. Your friends are always like, "Wow, you know everything about me," and you're like, "I know, I did research."

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    13. When it comes to planning out events like birthdays, bachelor parties, or murder heists — you're the one everyone comes to.

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    14. You eschew romance in favor of psychotic, blind ambition.

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    15. And your nuanced sense of humor sometimes goes right over people's heads.


    You think you're quite the joker.

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