21 "True Blood" Inspired Manicures That Will Bring Out Your Inner Vampire

I wanna do bad things with you(r nail polish game).

The final season of True Blood premiered yesterday. Show some fanger pride with one of these vampire-inspired manicures!

1. Matte Black + Drippy Blood = one fangtastic look.

2. A bloody gorgeous update to the broad french stripe.

3. These four nail ideas would be amazing stand-alone looks, but they also look great together.

Brit Nails / Via britnails.co.uk

4. As would these!

Julia Graf / Via hellojuliagraf.com

5. Be careful, you might get a FANG-nail.

The Daily Nail / Via thedailynailblog.com

6. Or just embrace the fangnail and take it to the next level.

7. The flesh-toned base makes this vampire bite eerily realistic.

Kayla Shevonne / Via kaylashevonne.com

8. This accent nail totally sucks (your blood).

Kayla Shevonne / Via kaylashevonne.com

9. And why have one accent nail when you can have two?

Manicurator / Via manicurator.com

10. Oh you want your nails to look like one of Pam’s Fangtasia outfits? Done.

beautopia / Via beautopia.onsugar.com

11. If you happen to be an absolute nail wizard, you can freehand something like this:

toxicvanity / Via toxicvanity.com

12. Or like this:

13. OK, how did they draw that teeny tiny fang? That’s amazing.

Chrissy @ plustenkapow / Via plustenkapow.co.uk

14. But if you’re less artistic, just print custom decals for an incredibly detailed look.

Jessica Varo / Via naileddaily.blogspot.com

15. Lafayette would probably appreciate a little extra glitter.

16. The perfect shine of this black base makes the “True Blood” logo stand out.

Erin Zi / Via erinzi.com

17. A red-to-black ombre keeps with the spirit of the show.

18. Though combining ombre with a blood-spatter works just as well.

ehmkaynails / Via ehmkaynails.blogspot.com

19. And sometimes just the shape says it all.

20. It’s only fair to include at least one shout-out to the Shreveport Pack.

Sonoma Bento / Via sonomanailart.com


21. But for those with simpler sensibilities, let this twist on the classic French tip reveal your true loyalties.

levernis / Via levernis.wordpress.com

Inspired yet? Get out your nail kits and start polishing!


Happy True Blood, everybody!

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