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    21 "True Blood" Inspired Manicures That Will Bring Out Your Inner Vampire

    I wanna do bad things with you(r nail polish game).

    The final season of True Blood premiered yesterday. Show some fanger pride with one of these vampire-inspired manicures!

    1. Matte Black + Drippy Blood = one fangtastic look.

    2. A bloody gorgeous update to the broad french stripe.

    3. These four nail ideas would be amazing stand-alone looks, but they also look great together.

    4. As would these!

    5. Be careful, you might get a FANG-nail.

    6. Or just embrace the fangnail and take it to the next level.

    7. The flesh-toned base makes this vampire bite eerily realistic.

    8. This accent nail totally sucks (your blood).

    9. And why have one accent nail when you can have two?

    10. Oh you want your nails to look like one of Pam's Fangtasia outfits? Done.

    11. If you happen to be an absolute nail wizard, you can freehand something like this:

    12. Or like this:

    13. OK, how did they draw that teeny tiny fang? That's amazing.

    14. But if you're less artistic, just print custom decals for an incredibly detailed look.

    15. Lafayette would probably appreciate a little extra glitter.

    16. The perfect shine of this black base makes the "True Blood" logo stand out.

    17. A red-to-black ombre keeps with the spirit of the show.

    18. Though combining ombre with a blood-spatter works just as well.

    19. And sometimes just the shape says it all.

    20. It's only fair to include at least one shout-out to the Shreveport Pack.

    21. But for those with simpler sensibilities, let this twist on the classic French tip reveal your true loyalties.

    Inspired yet? Get out your nail kits and start polishing!