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    Aug 4, 2015

    27 Tweets That Sum Up What It's Like Growing Up Mixed

    Multiracial tweeters of the #GrowingUpMixed hashtag, unite!

    1. When you realized you're essentially a half-blood Prince.

    #GrowingUpMixed I'm half & half. me dad's white. mum is black. bit of a nasty shocker for him when he found out

    2. When your mom would never respond when you asked her to "tell Jenny what you just said..."

    #growingupmixed when ur mom threatens u in another language in front of ur friends

    3. When people have the narrowest possible view of multiracial families.

    #growingupmixed " so.. which one of your parents is white?" * having to explain there are more things to be mixed with than black and white*

    4. When people straight up didn't believe that your parents were actually your parents.

    #Growingupmixed when I would go out with my mom people thought I was kidnapped or adoptedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

    5. This. Damn. Question.

    6. When people who wrote the SAT weren't smart enough to predict that this might not cut it.

    β€œ@alexisjaileen: RT @haley_hoppe: When ur test says "please only bubble one ethnicity" #GrowingUpMixed ” me

    7. When "New Jersey, near Morristown" wasn't a good enough answer.

    #growingupmixed "Where are you actually from?" πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‘βœ‹

    8. When the grandmaternal instinct (hopefully) trumps growing up in the 40s.

    When your grandparents want to be racist af but they have to love you #growingupmixed

    9. When your parent of color isn't the one who can actually help you, sorry.

    When your mom's white & doesn't know what to do w your hair so she puts it in braids all the time. #GrowingUpMixed

    10. When people slept through 9th grade biology.

    #growingupmixed "your brother looks more asian than you" "well we look the same so" "i guess he got more asian genes than you" "okay...?"

    11. When there was no prize for winning this round of "Guess My Ethnicity."

    #GrowingUpMixed When people try to play the guessing game with you

    12. When people think that "acting white" is possible, or worse – a compliment.

    #GrowingUpMixed "you're the whitest black person I know"

    13. When the War of the Cultural Milestones came to a head right there in your living room.

    mom: you should have a sweet 16 dad: you should have a Quince #growingupmixed

    14. When people think that being born lookin' a certain way means you speak another language.

    When someone talks to me in Spanish and I tell them I barley know it..They ask "How are you Mexican but don't speak Spanish" #Growingupmixed

    15. When you were like "what's with the third degree?"

    "What are you mixed with?" "But you look like you're....." "Can I touch your hair?" "Who's black your mom or your dad?" #growingupmixed

    16. When you break the news that marriages don't need to be in monochrome.

    17. When you hailed from the distant, exotic shores of Lake Michigan.

    #growingupmixed wow you look really exotic

    18. When white people think that all they need to look like you is two weeks past a sunburn.

    "#GrowingUpMixed all the white kids wanna compare their skin with yours when they get a tan 😐" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    19. When your natural skin tone looks fab all the time.

    When you look good in every color #GrowingUpMixed

    20. When people bring religion into it.

    "Where is your family from?" "Well my dad's Pakistani and my mom's Finnish" "So...which converted?" "...neither" "???" #GrowingUpMixed

    21. When the nuance of miscegeny is difficult for most people to grasp.

    People just assume you're full black because you have brown skin #growingupmixed

    22. When you don't necessarily get the best of both worlds.

    #GrowingUpMixed although I'm only 25% white, it really made sure that I wouldn't be able to dance

    23. When this road sign represented everything you've been told about your identity.

    #GrowingUpMixed Sometimes you just don't feel like you belong.

    24. When people try to tell you what YOU'RE allowed to feel because of how THEY perceive you.

    Someone says something offensive about POC Me: Well that's offensive. Them: You don't count, you're mixed. #growingupblack #GrowingUpmixed

    25. When even your friends have to learn to shut down people with a quick "not my mom."

    #GrowingUpMixed going to the mall with your white mom and best bud and having people think you're the friend

    26. Newsflash: It's my mom. This is my mom. MY MOM. MAMA. MINE. ARGH!

    #GrowingUpMixed and having everybody always say "wait that's really your mom"

    27. And of course, when your siblings turn out a lil' different and there's a whole new level of confusion.

    When your siblings look white but you're brown as hell so everyone thinks you're the nanny lmao #GrowingUpMixed

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