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    Jan 13, 2015

    17 Signs You're A Mermaid On The Inside

    Wish I could be... part of their world.

    1. Your hair always looks perfect.

    Rory Alwin / Via

    2. You also have the urge to dye your hair some bright color to match the fishes of the sea.

    3. You always win sack races because having one lower limb just feels natural to you.

    BBC Three / Via

    4. You can swim really well, duh.

    AP Photo/Matt Slocum, File

    More like MERMICHAEL Phelps.

    5. You think about the ocean and are like, "Yeah, OK I'd live there."

    The Weinstein Company / Via

    6. And when you're not near the sea you can hear it calling out to you...

    Getty Images/iStockphoto tolokonov

    7. You value upper body strength way more than most people.

    The CW / Via

    You can probably do like a billion pull-ups.

    8. You can actually open your eyes underwater, which is amazing.

    Sanaa Hamri / Via

    9. You have never been able to eat seafood.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto AlexRaths

    Fish are friends, not food!

    10. But you wonder what else mermaids eat if not fish.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto AndreySt

    Are they sea-vegans?

    11. You sound better when you sing in the shower than anywhere else.

    Sony / Via

    Your voice + water = magic.

    12. Hydration is very important to you.


    You drink your eight glasses a day, no problem!

    13. You think the human world is a mess.

    Disney / Via

    14. You don't have a huge problem with luring sailors to their deaths with your sweet, sweet siren song.

    15. Ditto for causing pirate ships to splinter on the rocks of the deadly reef you call home.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto Linda Bucklin

    16. You can't remember the real names of human objects so you just make words up all the time.

    Disney / Via

    17. And you're not great at walking on land. You're pretty sure it's because you're supposed to have a tail.

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