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21 Signs Your Tea Obsession Is Getting Out Of Control

Hot leaf water = the best thing in the universe.

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2. You have frequently experienced the emotional state that is "teapot lust."


4. And you feel like the goddamn potions master whenever anyone asks you what tea is good for their problems.

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A stomachache, eh? Let's start by grating some ginger...

6. You also have way too many tea strainers to avoid cross-leaf contamination.

"My strainerssss" - you, probably


8. The smell of dry tea leaves can calm you down in an instant.

11. You react to cutesy tea infusers the same way most people react to human babies.


14. You have "a guy" that you go to for your tea.

"Theres this amazing online retailer who ships it in from..."

15. The way you take your black tea is more complicated than most cocktails.

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Eighteen drops of milk and .875 cubes of sugar, or else three squeezes of lemon juice strained through a silk hanky...


19. You won't let anyone else make you a cup of tea because you know they're going to screw it up somehow.

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No no, you have to give the leaves time to release their flavor.

20. You have special teapots for making certain kinds of tea.

21. And your love for tea doesn't stop at drinking it. Tea flavored snacks, tea scented candles...


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