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21 Reasons City Apartment Hunting Tests The Limits Of Your Humanity

Gimme shelter. Or else.

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7. You have seen apartments and wondered how any human being could conceivably live in that layout.

The toilet. is in. the kitchen.


11. You try to prepare all of your applications documents ahead of time but there's always ONE dumb thing you're missing.

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Why does the landlord need my long form birth certificate?


15. Older people will tell you everything you're doing wrong with your search, not realizing that the market has changed A LOT since they were renters.

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"Back in my day I showed up to the open house with eight nickels and a business card. Moved in that night."


21. And when you do finally find your apartment, all of this stress is lifted for the briefest of moments...until you realize that now you have to furnish it.