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    19 Real-Life Struggles Of People Who Don't Date Online

    No, I'm not going to give Tinder "one more chance."

    1. You constantly field questions about how you're going to meet people in the "real world."

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    IDK, however humans met before the advent of the internet?

    2. But you also know that, wow, it's really hard to meet people in the real world.

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    3. Especially because everyone who is available in the real world is already on an app!


    4. People think you must have had a really awful experience with online dating that turned you off.

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    5. (Because you may or may not have had a horrible experience with online dating that turned you off.)

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    6. You wonder all the time about which situations are OK to try and talk to cuties and which ones aren't.

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    7. You have to step up your in-person charm because you don't have a cute profile pic and witty description to do it for you.


    8. When you do meet someone, you have to find out their interests and likes the hard way.

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    Like actually asking them questions.

    9. And it takes you longer to find out if someone isn't right for you.

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    Like sometimes it's "five dates in" longer.

    10. You're really tired of hearing the stories of someone's cousin's best friend's uncle who found the love of his life on Tinder or whatever.

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    Maybe what works for one person won't work for another person? Fancy that!

    11. People constantly suggest new apps for you to try, as if the apps or sites you were using were just a bad fit.

    12. People who are really into online dating side-eye you so hard.

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    13. Because they think you're judging them for their choices when really you're just making one of your own.

    14. Sometimes you lose hope and just try a dating site for a day or two.

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    15. But it only takes a few interactions to remind you of why you left the whole thing behind in the first place.

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    Starting conversations with strangers online hasn't gotten any easier for me? Cool, BYE!

    16. At least when you meet people IRL, you already have a feel for them before you start going on dates.

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    17. And you never have to worry about people not looking like their pictures or being completely different "in person."

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    18. Actually, you know what? Dating offline is pretty darn cool.

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    19. Someday your prince, princess, or agender variant thereof will arrive, friends! No Wi-Fi required.

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    And won't that day be grand?

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