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    Updated on Aug 10, 2018. Posted on Sep 22, 2015

    10 Reasons "Gotham" Season 2 Is A Brand New Show

    Gotham's here, it's back, and it's seriously better than ever.


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    This is your first and last warning.

    1. Jim is the literal embodiment of "no more Mr. Nice Guy."

    2. No really, remember how the pilot ended with Jim NOT killing Penguin because he has morals?

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    He could have saved Gotham a lot of trouble (and also ended the series) with a single gunshot.

    3. Yeah he fucking murders a dude in the Season 2 premiere. For personal gain.

    4. Penguin's rule over Gotham City's underworld consolidates the best of the previous season's mobster plots.

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    Oswald is in charge now, and his operation includes Butch, Victor, and even Selina. Are we calling them the murder squad yet? We can if you want.

    5. There are now TWO Ed Nygmas to deal with, and one of them is a dick.

    Ed Nygmas? Eds Nygma?

    6. Bruce and Alfred are moving past the Wayne murders, which gives them time to be genuinely funny with each other.

    Alfred isn't like the other guardian-dads, he's a cool guardian-dad.

    7. Instead of a new villain popping up every week, Gotham has consolidated its baddies by adding powerful new characters Theo and Tabitha Galavan.

    Thanks to them, Jerome, Barbara, and a handful of new Arkham inmates (including a cannibal?) are all on the same team now.

    8. Jerome's proto-Joker character adds a healthy dose of comic-book aesthetic and humor, which you didn't realize this show needed until he showed up.

    9. Barbara has bloomed –BLOOMED– into a toxic, beautiful flower of a character.

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    Her odd turn into being a knife-wielding murderer at the end of last season still doesn't make a ton of sense, but damn if the writers aren't using it to FINALLY give Babs some agency.

    10. And even though we don't know much about Theo's plan, it already feels good to have these villains interacting early on.

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    They're a big, happy, stabby, psychotic, horrifying family.

    All in all, it looks like Gotham is coming back strong in Season 2! Rise, villains, rise!

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