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    13 "Game Of Thrones" Temporary Tattoos You Need On Your Body

    Beneath the ink, the bitter skin.

    1. These matching tats are for you and the Khaleesi (or Khal) in your life

    2. Prove your loyalty to House Targaryen with this dragon sigil.

    3. Show everyone what you say to the god of death.

    4. This quote from Arya makes sure you stay fearless.

    5. Find Drogon everywhere you go with a tattoo of the great black dragon.

    6. Winterfell may be gone, but true Stark loyalists still wear their words.

    7. The Baratheons are gone too, but there are yet Antler men and women who'd wear this.

    8. Are any Greyjoy supporters feeling left out?

    9. How about those who love their Mother of Dragons?

    10. Although this may be a safer, more subtle look for Dragons in King's Landing.

    11. Of course, you could always go for this one is Daenerys is your one true queen.

    12. The Braavosi among us might want to remember these famous words.

    13. And you can prove who really runs the realm with the Hand of the King tat.