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23 Times Fish Mooney Was The Baddest Possible Bitch

Whatever you do, don't call her "babes." Spoilers for the season finale of Gotham.

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1. When she slayed even in the Gotham previews.

FOX / Via

2. When her behavior inspired this reel of "Greatest Hits."

3. When this was not her line but may as well have been.

Fox / Via

4. When she wanted to kill men armed with nothing but pure rage.

5. When she went looking for her money MONTHS before Riri came out with her single.

6. When she kept hot men around for "exercise."

Fox / Via

7. When she dared Nico to act cute, knowing that she had his ass under control.

8. When her cleavage rhombus existed as pure geometric boob perfection.

Fox / Via

9. When Oswald brought her a peace offering and she straight up stabbed him with it.

10. Then tasted his blood right in front of him to keep him scared.

11. When Falcone tried to have her tortured and she was like "you know I do this for fun, right?"

12. When she told Harvey she was feisty, made better by the fact that he probably already knew that. Biblically.

Fox / Via

More "exercise," Fish?

13. Seriously, look how the most grizzled, hardass cop in Gotham turns into a tiny baby puppy dog when she's around!

14. When the dollhouse dungeon boys came for her and she was like "try again."

15. When she did the...thE EFFING- SHE DID THE THING!!!

Fox / Via

16. She did the thing to spite a man.

17. And stepped on her own eye to spite him further.

18. And then when she got a new one like "nbd, sure I can heal like Wolverine I'm the boss."

19. When she took down Dollmaker decades before Batman will get anywhere near him.

20. When she recognized greatness and picked Selina to be Gotham's Next Top Boss Bitch

21. When she shot Salvatore Maroni solely because he's a misogynist.

22. When she fought your fave on a roof and sort of lost but it was awesome to watch.

23. And when even Robin Lord Taylor was thrilled to get her as a result for our "Which Gotham Character Are You" quiz.

David Bertozzi / Via BuzzFeed

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