23 Things Every Scene Kid Had On Their Christmas List

    May your days be br00tal and bright.

    1. A puffy coat with a fur hood.

    2. A tiny hair straightener just for the bangs.

    3. Snakebites, or else a Monroe piercing.

    4. Manic Panic hair dye.

    5. Stripy extensions.

    6. A Kiki Kannibal diamond block necklace.

    7. A "real camera."

    8. A gender-neutral tutu.

    9. A white spike belt.

    10. Mismatched heels and/or Converse.

    11. Hello Kitty merch.

    12. Advance Warped Tour tickets.

    13. Knuckle tats.

    14. Subdermal hip piercings.

    15. Admission to the VIP MySpace train.

    16. A teasing comb.

    17. The next size up in gauges.

    18. A Hot Topic gift card.

    19. Leopard print leggings, also gender neutral.

    20. MAC makeup, aggressively gender neutral.

    21. A legal copy of Photoshop CS3.

    22. To be a "site model."

    23. And the ultimate scene accessory: a Sidekick!