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    17 Times Tumblr Was Completely Supportive Of Each And Every Ho

    "If you want to be a ho, be the best ho you can be." —Marilyn Monroe

    1. When this person put in an application for the Ho Squad.

    2. When this person outlined what the stars have in store for us.

    3. When this person reminded all potential hos that their choices and desires are valid AF.

    4. When this person redefined language to include our lexical needs.

    5. When this bird had zero chill but wasn't technically wrong.

    6. This person who reminds us that gender essentialism is for squares.

    7. This person who is outlining the beginning of the soon-to-be published Ho Creed, coming soon to a Constitution near you.

    8. When this ho matron laid out some bomb-ass tips for anyone who wants to get in on the lifestyle.

    9. When the circus came to town and all of us were invited.

    10. When this beautiful art ho took pride in living her dream.

    11. This ho deserves only good things and happiness.

    12. This ho thinks so too.

    13. This girl who deserves only the best things in life. Godspeed.

    14. When Tyra was pro-ho but also gave us a whole new facet to think about.

    15. This motivational speaker who reminds us to reach for the stars in all aspects of life.

    16. This helpful PSA reminding hos to stay safe while they're out there doing their thing.

    17. And this perfect gem of a human, who supports and loves the hos in her life.

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