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    Everyone Thinks That "Mad Max: Fury Road" Should Be Renamed "Furiosa"


    Anyone who's seen Mad Mad: Fury Road knows who the real star of the show is. It's this lady right here.

    Some people even think that Charlize Theron's character is so incredible that they should just scrap the whole Max thing and call the movie by its true name: Furiosa.

    1. Here's one vote in favor.

    That film should be renamed Furiosa. What a badass!!

    2. And another.

    @MadMaxMovie I think the movie needs to be renamed. This film is Furiosa's film! #MadMax

    3. Getting creative with the titles here, but still a vote for #Furiosa.

    @mihirfadnavis the movie ought to be renamed "Badass Furiosa". Such a kickass movie!

    4. Girl power? Check. Furiosa? Check.

    Mad Max should be renamed to Mad Furiosa....just saying. #girlpower

    5. She's a hero, no doubt about it.

    #madmax is amazing. Great visuals and stunts. But the true hero is @CharlizeAfrica film should be renamed #furiosa

    6. The alliteration is appreciated.

    @CharlizeAfrica totally owned @MadMaxMovieUK. I don't even recall what Tom Hardy did. Film should be renamed Frenetic Furiosa!

    7. Extra points for using her full title.

    Mad Max : Fury Road should have been renamed IMPERATOR FURIOSA!!!! And Blood Bag.

    8. This petitioner knows what's up.

    so that movie could just as easily been titled FURIOSA: FURY ROAD, right?

    9. LoF sounds like a good tag for Legend Of Furiosa.

    Should've been titled "The Legend of Furiosa: Mad Max Origins"? Why not put the film's REAL hero in the title? #MadMaxFuryRoad

    10. FURIOSA ROAD! Oh man. Love it.

    #MadMax Fury Road should have been titled Furiosa Road. Despite Max being the costar, it was good.

    11. We're all mad here. Or at least Max and Furiosa are.

    Mad Max should have been titled Mad Furiosa.

    12. Another signature for the petition.

    Mad Max: Fury Road really should have been titled Furiosa: Fury Road.

    13. Hashtag game strong over here.

    #MadMaxFuryRoad should have been titled #Furiosa because she rocked the movie.

    14. Another person in favor!

    Mad Max should be titled Furiosa. Wow she was bad ass.

    15. Some love here for Ms. Theron. And of course, for Furiosa.

    fury road could have easily been titled FURIOSA. @charlizeafrica performance/character dominates. complete badass

    16. How about The Fast and the Furiosa?

    Mad Max should be called Furious Furiosa

    17. We'll take that as a yes, you'll sign the petition.

    Mad Max shouldn't be called Mad Max. It's should be called 'Furiosa is the Baddest Bitch' #PussyPower

    18. Max helps a lot! But still, Furiosa.

    Just saw Mad Max: Fury Road. Better titled Furiosa Is A Badass (and also some dude helps a bit).

    19. Maybe giving them equal footing would be the way to go?

    Mad Max: Fury Road should be called Mad Max: Furiosa

    20. Nah, bring on Furiosa.

    MAD MAX should be called IMPERATOR FURIOSA. It's Charlize's movie (her and Hoult). Loud & unrelenting, yet still impressive as hell. #Cannes

    21. Never apologize for your oxymorons. Chaos aside, it's a good thought.

    Mad Max: Fury Road is super. But it really should be called (oxymoronic chaos noted) Mad Furiosa: Fury Road.

    22. Sometimes the message is best put simply:

    So what do you say, George Miller? Have our petitioners convinced you to enact a retroactive title change?