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    36 WTF Thoughts You Had While Watching "Gotham"

    Season 1, Episode 20: "Under the Knife"

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    •Bruce is just staring out at the river, letting the overwhelming proxy PTSD of Selina murdering Reggie wash over his tiny, vulnerable form. Poor baby Bat.

    •Cat's angry chest-pointing is a fun schoolyard touch to what is otherwise a very adult conversation. So much therapy in her future. Or just, you know. More murder.

    •Ed is super adamant about Lee allowing him into the lab now and his flustered monologue is adorable. "I swear I'm supposed to be here the new medical examiner let me she's so nice and her hair smells good and her legs don't quit and I mean gosh I shouldn't have said that I mean I like her but we're just friends oh my god."

    • And Jim is just like "Ed. Shut UP. Where is Lee?"


    •Every apartment in Gotham has an oculus-style window because design consistency. Or maybe Jim just only dates women who have cool windows. Gotta get me one of those windows.

    •Technologically speaking, Gotham is a city of flip phones, print newspapers, microfilm, and probably hoverboards.

    •Lee just threatened to skin a stray cat. What's next, she tries to feed it to an ATM? Ten points to the first commenter who knows where that's from.

    •"Hey Lee, there's a serial killer out to get you and you work with dead people all day, I'm just going to sneak up on you in your own house." - Jim's actual train of thought.


    •Jim breaks the news to Lee about a killer coming out for her blood and also drops the L word. "I love you, you might die and it will be my fault and I still don't have a house and I shower in the company gym, but I love you."

    •Barbara is more than a match for Jason's creepy murder vibes and that thrills me. Welcome back, first-two-episodes Babs! Slay him with your words, Barbara, he loves it.

    •No, Jason really does love it. The look on his face is like "I'm not sure because this is a new feeling for me but I think I'm actually creeped out by you while also being turned on."


    •Jason has those round sunglasses, just like Penguin! They're VILLAIN GLASSES! We're buying matching pairs tomorrow.

    •Ed tries to stay chill when he walks in on Dougherty being a creep on Kringle but is two seconds from losing his shit when Dougherty takes a piece of his watermelon. Oh man, Riddler senses are tingling!

    •My favorite personal headcanon is that Carol Kane is playing the same character on Gotham as she does on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Kimmy's landlord just tricked a young gangster into thinking she was his mother and now the joke's gone too far and she can't turn back now...

    •It really must be hard to be a normal hit man in a city where a flawless murder god rolls around the city with hot lady sidekicks, which is the logic Penguin uses to flip a common gangster's Zsasz inferiority complex into a plan to kill Maroni.


    •ALFRED, GO TO BED! Our policy is generally to Stop Bruce Wayne From Doing Things but really now It's your turn. Stop doing things, Al. You popped a stitch in your stab wound literally yesterday.

    •My aesthetic: Bruce Wayne trying to be slick and casually bringing up murder in a teatime conversation.

    •Alfred seems very concerned that a "healthy young lad" like Bruce wants to spend time with a pretty little girl with a "penchant for leather" and it's like wow, that situation wasn't weird until you made it weird but thanks.

    •Was Jason's plan at this point really to use his own car to vehicularly murder two cops? Is vehicularly a word?

    •The fact that Selena and Barbara still live together is so incredibly weird and wonderful and I love their girl friendship. More of this. I want to hear them talk about things that aren't boys. Also where is Ivy?

    •Where did Selena get these clothes? It says delivery for Selena Kyle but Barbara didn't get them for her? Is this Bruce? Is it Alfred? If it's Alfred that's weird because those are basically stripper heels and she is –at most– 14 years old.


    •We should add a note to the drinking game: Drink every time you see Barbara's bare legs. Seriously wow legs. Legssss.

    •This is Bruce meeting Batgirl's mom for the first time! Add a minute to the Batman Inevitability Clock.

    •Bruce and Selena are so cute it makes me want to cry a little. Have fun, kids! Be back by midnight! Don't murder any addicts!


    •Everybody gets up in arms about the dead woman in this mansion but the real mystery is: why is Jason's dad dressed like he time-traveled here from the American Revolution?

    •"Gordon's running pretty hot on this one," says Harvey, somehow implying that Jim's default is calm. Calm?? Jim Gordon would flip a table if his breakfast order came in under the credit card minimum. Jim Gordon would straight up try to arrest a fax machine! He runs hot ALL THE TIME and that's the point of this whole show!

    •If you ever find a plastic surgeon who can turn pre-surgery Jason into Milo fucking Ventimiglia, hire them. Hire them and keep them on retainer in your basement. They are the Botticelli of man faces.

    •Maroni getting all up in Mama Penguin's grill is extremely upsetting. You unhand Carol Kane right this instant, you swine! We won't stand for this.


    •Ironically, the fact that Penguin has stabbed a lot of people is the one problem he can't stab his way out of.

    •Jason gets into the ball at the last minute by throwing ten thousand dollars at the committee, which isn't a lot of money if you think about the possibility of finding true love. Wouldn't you pay ten thousand dollars for a chance to murder the woman of your dreams?

    •As Jason and Barbara leave to make sweet, sweet murder love, Selena sees Jason's face. How is it always Selena who sees killers' faces? This girl has gazed into the smiling face of crime two times too many!

    •Why is it when anyone in Gotham City has a problem with someone, they tell them to leave Gotham. Why can't Ed just say "quit your job" or "never talk to Kris again?" Moving out of a city is really hard! I can't get out of my lease unless I literally die or find bedbugs.


    •Dougherty's last words are "Riddle Man," which is the name of the spinoff Netlix series that finally gives Ed Nygma the screen time he deserves. Cory Michael Smith really killed it in this scene. Punintentional – HEY OH!

    •Ed's first murder is followed up by an equally amazing scene with Penguin and his mom, in which nobody believes anybody and everybody is crying. Oswald's weepy murder face is so important to this show. Pathos, friends. It's all about pathos.

    •Jim figured out two episodes too late that Barbara would be The Ogre's target. Not the girl he's been dating for three weeks, but the very public fiancee he had for a very long time and who also is famous. Don't worry Jim, Babs can handle herself.

    •And by "handle herself," we mean she just walked into Jason's kill room and smiled so you know she's picking up whatever The Ogre can throw down. Get it, Babs. Do it for all of us.


    Holy Handcuffs! That's a lot to process. Let's see where this episode lands us on the...


    We're twenty-one minutes to Bat-Midnight! If we get any closer Bruce is going to start fighting crime! What will the last two episodes have in store for us?

    Gotham only knows.

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