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15 Commuting Struggles That Are Never Not Awkward

Nothing about this is comfortable.

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1. When you sit across from somebody and your knees touch.

2. When you make a weird mouth-noise at the conductor in lieu of an actual greeting.

SNL Studios / Via

Them: "Tickets please!"

You: "Mlerp!"

3. When you see the same people every day but refuse to even acknowledge them.

Black Dog Films / Via

4. When you see somebody you actually know well and have to suck it up and chat with them.

Legendary Pictures / Via

5. When that chat goes on for way longer than you're comfortable with.

FOX / Via

6. When a day-tripper breaks one of the unspoken rules of the commute.

FOX / Via

Turn. Your. Keyboard. Clicks. Off.

7. When someone talks in the quiet car and you have to look around to see who's going to handle it this time.

8. Being startled by the person who finally tells people to "move down" when there's only standing room.

9. When you stand up too early to get off at your stop, but know that sitting back down will make you look weak. So you're stuck just...hovering.

The CW / Via

10. When you accidentally step into a car at the same time as another person and nudge-fight them to get on first.

Warner Bros. / Via

11. When someone brings a bike or large bag in during rush hour and you have to express your disdain clearly, but silently.


12. When it's you with the big bag/bike and you feel the angry eyes of your fellow commuters boring into the back of your head.

13. When you have to ask someone to move over so you can sit.

Disney / Via


14. When someone sits next to you in a three-seater.

AMC / Via

Sir, there is a seat between us that you are not taking advantage of. You're out of order.

15. And when you REALLY have to sneeze or fart and you almost pass out trying to keep it in.

Disney Pixar / Via

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