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23 Times Harry Potter Characters Made Deeply Questionable Choices

How about next time we Dumble-don't?

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1. When Dumbledore placed an infant with a family who just had a baby and didn't offer any sort of stipend from the child's massive personal fortune.

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Here ya dumb Muggle, enjoy the expense of another child with no help from me lol hope you don't mind two kids instead of the one you planned for.

2. Also when Dumbledore didn't send anyone to check in on Harry's well-being for eleven years, instead relying on a Squib down the road who was powerless to intercede regarding his welfare.


3. When McGonagall rewarded three tweens for taking down a class XXXX magical creature instead of sending a strong message to the student body that vigilante justice is not tolerated, for everyone's safety.

"Break the rules and profit," that's what I always say.

4. When Dumbledore hid a powerful magical artifact crucial to the restoration of Wizard Hitler inside of a mirror that was guarded by tasks so simple THREE CHILDREN could get past them in forty minutes flat.

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We need something an evil wizard won't get past. I'm thinking...plants. Plants and puppies and a broomstick game. Better add in a few puzzles. Perfect.

5. And gave another phenomenally powerful magical artifact to an eleven-year old, who definitely needs an invisibility cloak for reasons.

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Here's carte blanche to sneak around where you're not supposed to. Happy Christmas from the school principal.

6. Also when Dumbledore hid the Stone in Hogwarts and loudly warned everyone in the castle that they shouldn't go ANYWHERE NEAR ITS EXACT LOCATION, basically drawing an X on the map for anyone who might want find something neat.

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They'll never find it. I told them where it is. Wait, I messed up.

7. Children turn to stone and blood-writing shows up on the walls of the castle. The staff deliberates, and decides to keep the school open even though the last time this happened, a kid DIED.


8. When Harry Potter found a pee-soaked journal in a women's toilet and was like "I'm gonna touch you with my hands and take you home."

10. When the wizard police were so bad at their jobs, they didn't notice the difference between a severed finger and one that had been violently blown off by an explosion.

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Seriously, a little CSI would have set that lie flying out the window.

12. When the Hogwarts staff thought Sirius Black, notorious BOMBER, was loose in the castle so they put all of the students and teachers in one room in case he wanted to wipe out everyone with one fell swoop.


13. When nobody noticed that three teenagers became animagi during school, especially odd because part of becoming an animagus entails holding a mandrake leaf in your mouth for a WHOLE MONTH.

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Three students have their mouths full of leaf for 30 days straight, 28 at the least, and everyone is like "nothing to see here."

14. When everyone decided that the Triwizard Tournament was a great idea for all involved parties.

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There is no 17 year old alive qualified to fight a dragon. Just none.

15. Especially considering that if the champions didn't cheat, they would have been SURPRISED with a dragon/underwater mer-rescue/sphinx and shit.

16. When Dumbledore did jack-all to protect a 15-year-old boy from media spin, leading to a yearlong depression and a boatload of trust issues.

17. When Harry spent an entire year learning that the evilest wizard in the world has access to his mind and yet always took it at face value that Voldemort was telling the truth.



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