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    James Hamblin: The Atlantic's Hilarious M.D. With A Camera

    James Hamblin, MD, is a senior editor at The Atlantic. He writes the health column for the monthly magazine and hosts the video series "If Our Bodies Could Talk."

    James could totally meet or not meet up for a quick drink.

    The Atlantic / Via

    How healthy is wine? How about your social life?

    James likes snacks more pre-disposing himself to diabetes.

    The Atlantic / Via

    He really doesn't like juice cleanses.

    James knows the best ways to get high.

    The Atlantic / Via

    But runs into problems with the rest of his pot candy.

    James wants "Tabless Thursday." "Taco Tuesday." "Tabless Thursday."

    The Atlantic / Via

    Don't mess with "Taco Tuesday."

    James will admit he's not cool enough to smoke.

    The Atlantic / Via

    But thinks you should be cooler than smoking.