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The Fades: Where Are They Know?

What ever happened to our favourite Fades and Angelics?

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I just saw a promo for NBC's upcoming midseason series Lucifer and I thought to myself, I know that guy from somewhere. 

After some extensive Internet research, I realized that Tom Ellis is non other than Mark Etches from BBC's extremely short-lived series The Fades.

While I am still mourning the loss of the show four years later, I can take solace in the fact that many of the show's stars have gone on to find success.

Iain De Caestecker

BBC / Via

Iain played lead character Paul, the school nerd who discovers that he is an "Angelic", one of the few who can see the Fades. He is tasked to help save the world from these Fades, but he's a bit unwilling to do so. You may recognize Iain from ABC's smash hit series Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as the science nerd we all love Agent Leo Fitz. 

Joe Dempsie

HBO / Via

Joe played the show's villain John, a man who died years ago, but has been trapped on Earth. He finally figures out a way to take human form again and now he wants vengeance. Before Joe was on The Fades, he starred on an episode of Doctor Who. But we all know him as Robert Baratheon's forever rowing son Gendry on HBO's Game of Thrones.

Tom Ellis

BBC / Via

Tom played down and out high school teacher Mark Etches, who was mourning his missing wife Sarah. Before Ellis landed the lead role of Lucifer on NBC's upcoming series of the same name, he also appeared in Doctor Who, The Strain, Merlin and was Once Upon A Time's original Robin Hood.

Daniel Kaluuya

BBC / Via

Kaluuya provided the comic relief on The Fades as Paul's friend Mac, who was much more excited about Paul's powers than he was. Kaluuya starred in an episode of Black Mirror and played Emily Blunt's partner in this year's action thriller Sicario.

Natalie Dormer

BBC / Via

Dormer played the wife of Tom Ellis' character Sarah. Unbeknownst to him, Sarah was on #TeamAngelic and was destined to help Paul save the world. Dormer was already getting a name for herself opposite Henry Cavill and Jonathan Rhys Meyer on Showtime's The Tudors. But it was her role as the cunning Magaery Tyrell on HBO's Game of Thrones that made her a household name. She also starred in the last two Hunger Games movies and will star in the upcoming movies The Forest and Patient Zero.

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