The Official "Big Brother" Hair Timeline

A few of the Big Brother 14 contestants are rockin’ some weird hairdos. Let’s take a look back at some of the hair-don’ts of the past 14 seasons.

Season 1: Brittany

The first season of BB was in 2000, and Brittany’s hair was (unfortunately) a reflection of the times.

Season 2: Bunky

Bunky had a habit of crying.

Season 3: Tonya

Bad hair, worse decisions. Last time anyone heard about her, Tonya was in jail for reckless homicide.

Season 4: Nathan

Highlights and hair gel. A winning combination.

Season 5: Drew


2004, and they still can’t get enough of that gel.

Season 6: Michael

He’s got the faintest, creepiest little goatee.

Season 7: Jase

Classic use of highlights.

Season 8: Nick

He was rockin’ the Bieber look all the way back in ‘07.

Season 9: Parker

This is a whole lotta look.

Season 10: Michelle

It looks like a lion’s mane.

Season 11: Ronnie

A unique guy with a unique look.

Season 12: Rachel & Hayden

Rachel was one of BB’s most infamous villains, and has the hair to prove it. There’s no excuse for Hayden.

Season 13: Dick

The spiky hair and devil goatee helped with his “evil” persona.

Season 14: Wil, Boogie, Frank, & Shane

The house guests this season have really brought bad BB hair to a whole new level.

Julie Chen

The BB host is usually so perfect and stiff that she is known as “Chenbot,” but even she has had a hair misstep or two over the years.

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