8 Reasons We Still Love Katherine Chloe Cahoon

She wrote “The Single Girl’s Guide to Dating European Men” in 2010, and has been making videos and entertaining ever since.

8. Her videos

If you don’t know KCC, this is her first video. It perfectly displays her charm and wit. Just look at how comfortable she is in front of the camera!

7. Her book

Eloquently written and endlessly empowering to women, The Single Girl’s Guide To Meeting European Men is a must-read.

6. Her Casual Seated Positions

KCC is a big fan of sitting in normal ways in front of normal backdrops.

5. The reviews

People have some incredible things to say about Cahoon’s book.

4. She’s classy

“Belgium is a perfect pick since it is Audrey’s birthplace. Then be escorted by an equally charming Belgian named Boudewijn, or whatever you’d like to call him.”

3. The YouTube comments

People have some hilarious thoughts on KCC’s videos

2. She’s progressive

She’s probably trying to end women’s suffrage. Women shouldn’t have to suffer so much.

1. She has a music video coming out soon

This is a picture from her music video shoot. We will be sure to let you know when it’s released.

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