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10 Reasons John Mulaney Should Be Your Favorite Comedian

You may not have heard of him, but you should definitely check out this hilarious stand-up comedian and SNL writer.

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2. He writes the Stefon sketch on SNL

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You know you love Stefon.

3. He loves to play jokes

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You know how Bill Hader always laughs in the Stefon sketches? That's John Mulaney's fault.

4. He appreciates women

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Girlfriends are like "lawyers for everyday life!"

5. He's going to be a great old man

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He and fellow comedian Nick Kroll do these amazing old guy characters together.

6. He watches Law & Order

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Just like you!

7. He has a surprising past

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Mulaney used to have a drinking problem. It was serious, but it resulted in some great comedic material.

8. He does a good George Takei impression

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His use of "cowboy voice" is so accurate.

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