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    The 7 Stages Of Pokémon Go Addiction

    You gotta catch 'em all.

    1. Abstinence

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    As with any addiction, it all begins with abstinence. Your pre-Pokémon Go days are innocent enough, with you minding your business as usual and perhaps even judging people you see aimlessly roaming around town with the sole purpose of finding Pokémon. If you were never into Pokémon as a child, you might even be horrified at the hysteria surrounding the proliferation of a cartoon that hasn't been relevant in a decade.

    2. Experimentation

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    Despite your initial disinterest in the app, you see everyone having a blast catching Pokémon so you decide to give it a shot. If your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat feeds all say that Pokémon Go is fun then it must be true, right?

    Indeed, you quickly learn that the hype was justified when catching your first Pokémon gives you a burst of childish exuberance.

    3. Regular Use

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    Now that you have the hang of the app, you can't get enough. You have perfected your skills so you never lose Pokéballs on bad throws. You whip out your phone when you are running errands and find yourself enthralled by the excitement of catching different Pokémon. You've even thoroughly explored your neighborhood to find all the Pokémon, Pokéstops, and gyms.

    4. Risky Use/Abuse

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    You have officially become that person. You know, the person you judged just a few days prior. You now go on walks and bike rides with the sole purpose of catching Pokémon. (Exercise is just a bonus.) You've used the terms Pokéwalk and Pokédrive with your friends to describe your expeditions to go catch Pokémon, and you've made new friends while on these adventures. You may be too far gone at this point, but at least you're not alone.

    5. Dependency

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    You check your phone day and night, obsessed with evolving your Pokémon and hatching eggs. At this stage, Pokémon Go is officially the first app you head to when you open your phone. (Hasta la vista, Snapchat!)

    6. Intervention and Recovery

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    With all the headlines about people getting robbed, hurt, or lost while catching Pokémon or finding gyms in sketchy areas, your family decides to intervene. You know, on the premise that they have your "best interests at heart." Even though they agree that Pokémon Go is great exercise, they insist that you stop using the app because safety comes first.

    You oblige and temporarily stop using the app. BUT you don't actually delete the app because....

    7. Relapse

    Giphy / Via gotta catch 'em all.

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