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Stages Of Buying Books For School

One of the worst parts of college.

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“When are they going to post what books I need?” “What if they don’t post them in time?” “I won’t have my books!” “I won’t be able to do my homework! I’ll end up failing the class!”


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“They’re finally posted! I won’t fail! Hallelujah! Time for online shopping!”


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*Checks Chegg* $300 for a first semester French book?! “No.” *Checks Amazon* $356?! “What. No.” *Checks Abebooks* $500?! “NO NO NO!”

Regret / Via giphy

“I should just drop the class, that way I don’t have to pay this much for a book. Yeah, I need the class for my major. But maybe, if I take it next semester it will be cheaper!” (probably not)



“I don’t understand why I have to buy this book.” For goodness sake, the professor wrote the book! Can’t I get a discount or something?” I mean, if you want me to read it then YOU buy it for me.”


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“ I probably won’t have any money left after I buy these books… I’ll probably have to go to class naked because I won’t be able to afford clothes…”

Last Straw / Via giphy

“You know what? I’ll take the class, but I won’t buy the book. I’ll probably never need it anyways.”


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*Goes to Amazon* sigh *Sells soul to buy books for class.*

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