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15 Times Emma & Regina Almost Made Out On "Once Upon A Time"

C'mon, ladies. Get it over with!

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That time Regina looked like a lioness eyeing her prey.

That time they both decided to awkwardly smirk instead of give in to all the feels.

That time they got so close but Sheriff Graham just had to be a cock block.

And let's just slow that moment down, for good measure..

That time Regina pretended not to be sniffing her hair.


That time that their overwhelming mutual sexiness made each other cry.

That time Regina absolutely crushed that "come hither" look..

That time that the idea of their lips touching made them stop breathing for a sec.

That time they just needed to hold hands in front of the whole town.

And that time Emma just needed to get a little more handsy..

That time that Regina went all in, but Emma bitched out.

That time Emma was like "Okay, I'm ready for those now.."

That time that they group hugged their son..

That's right, their son...

That time Emma definitely gave Regina the up-down and got busted.

That time that just one touch was freaky electric.

And that time that Emma was finally just like "Fuck it.. enough's enough.."

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