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10 Times Celine Dion Should Have Reacted To Life For Us

A lesson on how people should actually be responding to things.

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1. When the person you're crushing on "likes" one of your Facebook pics.

2. When one of your favorite bad 80s movies pops up on your Netflix suggestions.

3. When you totally nail a Pinterest recipe for low-cal peanut butter brownies.

4. #BEASTMODE at the gym.

5. When someone blurts out a Once Upon a Time spoiler in your presence.

6. When you get to sit and listen to your BFF gush for 3 hours about her romantic couples getaway.

7. When you wanna flick a booger on a coworker for taking the last mini muffin. (Obvs.)

8. When you catch an attractive human checking out your ass in those skinny jeans.

9. And when we just feel all the feels at once.


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