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    17 Weddings With Super Unique Details

    From pizza parties to pumpkin patches, these weddings will inspire you.

    Every wedding is different and it's the small details that make each event unique. Former brides on TikTok are sharing some of the distinctive details from their special day and it just may inspire an idea for your own wedding!

    TikTok user @kelseymckinleyyy started the trend because she wanted to hear all about unique weddings. She asked her followers, "What's something unique or different you had or did at your wedding?" For her, it was the inclusion of the mismatched vintage china that she had collected with her mom her entire life:

    1. This user suggests eating dinner alone with your significant other so you can enjoy your first meal as a married couple away from the sometimes hectic reception atmosphere:

    2. This couple chose to use food trucks instead of a catering service. It ended up being way less expensive and got lots of compliments from guests:

    A bride holding a plate tacos

    3. Instead of a photo booth, this bride hired a caricature artist AND it even ended up being less expensive:

    A bride and groom hold up a caricature next to the artist

    4. This bride opted for a flip book booth at their event:

    A bride holds up four flip books

    5. This user's father passed away before their wedding day so they wore a picture of their father so he could still walk the bride down the aisle. The bride also shared the father-daughter dance with a group of important men in their life:

    6. At this wedding, thousands of colorful lights lit up the room during the couple's first kiss:

    7. This couple had a snow cone stand!

    A couple enjoying snowcones

    8. Can you say pizza buffet??

    A buffet table with nine full pizzas

    9. This bride made their wedding bouquet out of book pages and origami paper:

    10. This couple had a pumpkin patch at their fall wedding:

    A carload full of pumpkins

    11. This user had a morning wedding and had donuts for all the guests at their reception:

    A table filled with many types of donuts

    12. For table card numbers, this user enlisted a photo of the bride and groom at the corresponding age:

    Childhood photos of the bride and groom

    13. Instead of a guest book at a winter wedding, this user had guests sign a Christmas tree skirt made from their mother's wedding dress that they now get to use each year:

    A bride shows off her tree skirt with signatures

    14. And this couple opted to ask guests to write anniversary cards for them for years to come:

    Paper bags filled with anniversary cards

    #stitch with @kelseymckinleyyy Our Wedding “guest book”! My venue loved this idea and had never seen something like it before! #weddingideas

    ♬ Turning Page - Sydney Rose

    15. Couples usually use sand or candles during their unity ceremony, but this couple decided to make a PB&J sandwich! What's better than comedic relief and a snack before your vows?


    #stitch with @kelseymckinleyyy #unityceremony #wedding #pbj #peanutbutterjelly (I also can’t help but think of @clairechewning with this story)

    ♬ Turning Page - Sydney Rose

    16. And if you're not looking to eat during your ceremony, a unity painting is also a fun idea:

    A bride and groom paint during their ceremony

    17. And to keep guests entertained, this bride says they had a scavenger hunt at their wedding:


    #stitch with @kelseymckinleyyy we love ideas

    ♬ Turning Page - Sydney Rose

    Did you do anything unique at your wedding? Share in the comments below!