Taylour Paige Got Real About How The Original Script For "Zola" Felt "Exploitive"

    "It just didn't feel adapted right."

    Taylour Paige definitely wasn't a fan of Zola the first time she read the script.

    The upcoming flick tells the true story of a woman named Zola who gets roped into a trip to Florida by a woman she meets at Hooters. They head south for a weekend of "hoeism" that turns into one of prostitution, extortion, and murder.

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    Zola is based on an iconic 148-tweet thread written by Zola herself — but it had to go through some rewrites before it was ready to film.

    Taylour, who portrays Zola in the film, says that the original script written by Andrew Neel and Mike Roberts "just didn't feel adapted right."

    "It felt like, 'We're just going to make a movie and make some money off of something and make some shit up.' It felt like some shit that we've seen before. With all due respect, it's no shade to those two people that wrote it," Taylour told ET.

    She continued, "I just was like, 'This doesn't feel like a) the story I want to tell, and b) this doesn't remind me of the feeling I felt when I read her writing.'"

    Taylour noted that there were small nuances in Zola's writing that "that two white men just can't do."

    "Sorry! It was completely different, and it also just felt, like, exploitive," Taylour added.

    Thankfully, the film was passed off to writer/director Janicza Bravo and cowriter Jeremy O. Harris, who Taylour believes gave the story the justice it desereved.

    "By the time I got the new script, it was Janicza and Jeremy O. Harris, and they're just geniuses," Taylour previously told ET.

    Zola opens in theaters June 30.