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    Khloé Kardashian's Style Has Changed So Much Since The Early Days Of "KUWTK" — See Her Complete Evolution

    From reality star to clothing designer and everything in between!

    Khloé Kardashian has been on our televisions for over a decade — and in that time, her style has fully transformed, just like the rest of her sisters.

    A closeup of Khloe

    See her style evolution while making your way through the years with Khloé...

    1. Long before Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloé was hitting the red carpet with her family at just 11-years-old.

    A young Khloe stands with her family on a red carpet

    2. As a teen, Khloé spent a lot of time with her younger sisters — and has the adorable photos to prove it!

    3. Even before KUWTK hit the air, Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney were fixtures in the LA social scene (and all had jet black hair!).

    Khloe poses next to Kim and Kourtney

    4. At the end of 2007, Khloé stepped out solo to celebrate the premiere of KUWTK and the start of her reality television career!

    Khloe puts her hands on her hips while wearing a tight black and white dress

    5. In 2008, Khloé ushered in the era of animal print EVERYTHING.

    Khloe wears a leopard print midi dress while posing with Kim

    6. And kept the trend going through the end of the year.

    Khloe wears an animal print top and tight black skirt

    7. She even totally stripped down for her very own PETA campaign!

    Khloe stands next to a poster where she is naked from the side which says Fur? i'd rather go naked

    8. But Khloé had moments where she kept it simple like in this black one shoulder dress at an art gallery event in LA.

    Khloe puts her hands on her hips while posing in an art gallery

    9. This fedora she once wore is so 2000s that it hurts.

    Khloe wears a yellow cardigan and purple top with a fedora

    10. In 2009, Khloé jetted to Miami to film her own Kardashians spinoff — and there was a lot of super 2000s swimwear looks.

    Khloe wears a black bikini with a tiger print sarong while walking down a dock

    11. That year, Khloé also met and married Lamar Odom.

    Khloe poses with Lamar

    12. And the POOFS were in full swing here! I have no words.

    Khloe and Kim pose together

    13. In 2012, Khloé landed a gig hosting The X Factor, which I completely forgot about TBH.

    Khloe wears a long sleeve black mini dress

    14. She even launched her own perfume collab with Lamar!

    Khloe holds up a bottle of perfume

    15. And later that year, Khloé finally joined Instagram, blessing us with gems like this, which she captioned, "My white pussy."

    16. Not long after, she lightened up her locks, beginning her transformation into a total blonde.

    Khloe wears a tight white dress to the kids choice awards

    17. This is one of my favorite Khloé looks.

    Khloe wears a long sleeve white mini dress

    18. Khloé experimented with some darker makeup while getting glam for Elton John's 2014 Oscar viewing party.

    Khloe wears a red velvet long sleeve gown with a plunging neckline

    19. She celebrated her 30th birthday alongside French Montana in Las Vegas.

    Khloe holds a massive four tier birthday cake

    20. Later that year, Khloé got really into working out and sharing about it on social media.

    21. Just few months later, Khloé gave the world one of her first-ever iconic glam shots while on a trip to Armenia.

    22. At the end of the year, Khloé released her book Strong Looks Better Naked and debuted her shortest haircut yet.

    Khloe holds up a copy of her book

    23. Her cropped locks didn't last long though, and she was back in her sleek long hair by early 2016.

    24. And on top of that, she officially launched her clothing line Good American.

    Khloe wears a lace top and jeands

    25. AND she began dating Tristan Thompson.

    26. I have to note that Khloé stepped out in this stunning barely-there sheer dress in 2017.

    Khloe wears a long sleeve sheer gown with crystal detailing

    27. And just a few months later revealed she was expecting her first child with this iconic photo.

    28. Khloé celebrated the arrival of her daughter True with this sweet snap.

    29. Six months later, she was sporting a totally different look.

    30. Not long after, she got this sweet super short haircut!

    31. And because Khloé never keeps one hairstyle for too long, she was back to super lock tresses by the time the People's Choice Awards rolled around.

    Khloe wears a sheer short sleeve top and midi skirt with a slit

    32. In honor of the holidays, Khloé got matchy with True for the family's annual Christmas party.

    33. And in early 2020, she debuted brand new darker locks while riding things out at home during the pandemic.

    34. Later that year, she felt "young" while rocking a hoodie from Scott Disick's clothing line.

    35. And looked like a work of art in a painting-inspired corset.

    36. In Khloé's world, there is never a bad time to stage a bikini photo.

    37. Khloé took the chance to show off her curls in the middle of a 2021 workout session.

    38. And got totally glam for an appearance on The Ellen Show.

    39. Khloé recently looked amazing in this latex outfit, but I can't imagine how hard it must have been to put on!

    40. And finally, in Khloé's most recent post, she debuted her shortest hair yet while channeling Elvira from Scarface.