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    Freddie Prinze Jr. Thought Rachael Leigh Cook Was His Girlfriend The First Time They Met

    "It was Freddie and he just goes, 'Hey babe.'"

    Rachael Leigh Cook and Freddie Prinze Jr.'s first meetup was straight out of a movie.

    Rachael wears a one shoulder black and white polka dot dress
    Amy Sussman / Getty Images

    Before the duo starred in She's All That together, they bumped into each other at a party in a hilarious mishap.

    The She's All That movie poster where the duo poses on a purple and orange background
    © Miramax / courtesy Everett Collection

    "The first time I met Freddie was in Sundance. We were both in House of Yes and I was in a house that he and Parker [Posey] and Josh [Hamilton] and everybody were in just saying hello to everybody," Rachael told E!

    A young Rachael attends an event in a red t-shirt with a black messenger bag
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    She continued, "I was standing in the living room and I felt these giant arms just throw themselves around me and hug me and rest a chin on top of my head. And it was Freddie and he just goes, 'Hey babe.'"

    A screenshot from She's All That where Freddie and Rachael dance together with their arms around each other
    © Miramax / courtesy Everett Collection

    It turns out that Freddie had accidentally mistaken Rachael for his then-girlfriend Kimberly McCullough.

    Freddie poses with Kimberly who has a similar short black haircut
    Brenda Chase / Getty Images

    "I looked up and he screamed a little because he thought I was Kimberly. He didn't know that it was me because why would you? We had the exact same frame and hair color," Rachael explained.

    Rachael and Freddie look at each other in a screenshot from She's All That
    © Miramax / courtesy Everett Collection

    She added, "So it was a pretty hilarious, romantic-comedy first meeting that obviously never became a real romance, but it was pretty funny."

    Rachael and Freddie stand on the beach in a shot from the movie
    © Miramax / courtesy Everett Collection

    While Rachael and Freddie lost touch after filming wrapped on She's All That, they reconnected years later after the passing of their co-star Paul Walker.

    Freddie and Paul stand next to each other on the beach and smile in a scene from the film
    © Miramax / courtesy Everett Collection

    "We got coffee and I remember saying to him, 'I know we never really hung out very much after the shoot, but you have no idea what a big part of my life this ended up being.' And he said something very Freddie-like, 'Me too, dude. It’s crazy,'" Rachael said.

    When the homie @RachaelLCook wants to have coffee, you get some damn coffee! #OldFriendsNewFriends

    @RealFPJr / Via Twitter: @RealFPJr

    "I’m so lucky that it’s someone as charming and as lovely as Freddie to share that with," Rachael concluded.

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