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The Way These Couples Told Their Parents They Were Expecting Will Warm Your Heart

These future grandparents are so wholesome.

Finding out you're expecting a baby is an exciting occasion — but getting to tell your loved ones is almost even more fun.

Beyonce shows off her baby bump while on stage
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And when it comes time to spill the news to your parents, they tend to have the best reaction of all!

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Here are some of the most wholesome responses from grandparents-to-be...

1. It took a minute for Grandpa to figure out what was going on:


Telling my parents I’m pregnant with their first grand baby 👶🏼 #pregnancyannouncement #surprise #parents #foryoupage

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2. Grandma definitely got more than she ordered when she opened her takeout container:

3. These future grandparents got a surprise with their place setting at dinner:


TELLING MY PARENTS I’M PREGNANT! 🤰Reveal idea with cute napkins!! 💡#pregnancyreveal #pregnancytest #pregnant #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner

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4. Even with masks on, you can tell this duo was totally shocked by their Christmas present:

5. These grandparents can "cheers" to the happy news:


Telling my parents they’re going to be grandparents! *Full Video* #babyannouncement #parentsreaction #comingsoon #pregnancyannouncement

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6. This future grandma got ALL the pregnancy tests, just to be sure:

7. These grandparents have a sixth sense! Grandpa had his suspicions about the pregnancy — and Grandma totally knew it was twins:


My parents reaction to telling them we’re pregnant for the first time (with twins!) #pregnancy #twins #pregnancyannouncement #twinsannouncement

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8. This future grandma was so surprised by her "homemade" gift:

9. I'm pretty sure this was the best birthday present this grandma could have gotten:

10. This announcement "paired well" with becoming grandparents:

11. I think the most endearing part of all of this is when grandparents have to put their glasses on to fully appreciate the surprise:

12. Grandma did not hesitate to scream in the middle of a restaurant:

13. I don't think this future grandma could have been any more excited:

14. Grandma was in a total state of disbelief after being surprised with the news:


Telling my parents that I’m pregnant with their first grandchild 🥰😭 #babyannouncement #pregnancyannouncement #foryoupage #fyp

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15. It may not have been a PBR necklace but it looks like he thought this was even better:

16. The happy news was a long time coming for this family:

17. Grandma had the best possible reaction to the news:

18. Grandpa found out someone had put a bun in his kitchen oven...but it took him a moment to put it all together:

19. And it was happy tears for this grandma-to-be:


Telling my parents I’m pregnant 💕 They will be the best grandparents to these twinnies! #twinmom #twinpregnancy #pregnant #fypシ #grandparentgoals

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Congratulations to all the growing families!