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    These People Are About To Experience Major Fails And Caught It On Camera

    You should definitely not try to recreate these TikToks.

    These TikToks featuring big lapses in judgement will have you saying (or singing) "Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no!" right along with these videos.

    Warning: The actions in these videos could result in serious injury. Do not attempt them yourself.

    1. At least this guy was wearing a helmet:

    A man flies through the air with a helmet on
    @xoxo .urbasicwhitegirl / Via

    since you guys asked for it, i made it!! #foryoupage #fyp #skating

    ♬ Capone - Oh No - 由user043998上传

    2. Proof that teenagers on playgrounds always leads to trouble:

    A woman swings through the air on a piece of playground equipment
    @joliegosling / Via

    The best video I’ve ever made @madswoodlouse #fyp #foryou #viral #funny

    ♬ Capone - Oh No - 由user043998上传

    3. Lesson learned...treadmills are not toys:

    A woman stands on a treadmill with an exercise ball
    http://@juju.dimaria / Via

    yea ❤️ #greenscreen #WeWinTogether #foryoupage #expressieyourself #fyp

    ♬ Capone - Oh No - 由user043998上传

    4. Things were going really well for a minute here:

    A man appears to fall off of a classroom desk
    @itayvargas / Via

    yo igual quería hacerlo JAJAJAJA insta: itayvargass

    ♬ Capone - Oh No - 由user043998上传

    5. And things really escalated quickly here:

    A student gasps while sitting at his desk
    @charlierevv / Via

    Tb to last year. @nickspiccioli if this doesn’t do good I quit tik tok #MyCostume #fypシ #fye #exprESSIEyourself #ohno

    ♬ Capone - Oh No - 由user043998上传

    6. This woman thankfully had a sense of humor about her new furniture:

    A dresser begins to fall off of a forklift while high in the air
    @rosavdende / Via

    Oh no

    ♬ Capone - Oh No - 由user043998上传

    7. And, who knew, these things happen to you even when you're an international K-pop superstar:

    A member of BTS looks shocked during a concert
    @kmseethx / Via

    El karma? 👁️👄👁️... #bts #fypシ #fyp #foryoupage #parati #bts_army #gracioso #humor #comedia #rm #jimin #suga #tae #jk #foryou

    ♬ Capone - Oh No - 由user043998上传

    8. This woman was VERY intent on not using her hands on this zip-line:

    A woman falls upside-down while on a zip-line
    @kawi_girl / Via

    when they say jump with no hands 🤦‍♀️and you listen #ziplining #neardeath #fyp #foryourpage #dumbass #nohands #ohnono #ohshit

    ♬ Capone - Oh No - 由user043998上传

    9. And this cat quickly realized mistakes had been made:

    A cat looks scared as he's about to fall into a tub
    @breelynn14 / Via

    🤦🏼‍♀️ #ohno #ohnono

    ♬ Capone - Oh No - 由user043998上传

    10. I really want to know what this guy was doing in the costume to begin with:

    A man dressed like a French maid looks embarrassed as his friend looks on
    @antonychenn / Via

    I was gonna make a thank you vid but I think I’ll just pass away now #OhNo

    ♬ Capone - Oh No - 由user043998上传

    11. I think I held my breath for this entire video (but the bunny is okay):

    A bunny looks like it's about to be sat on but it's okay
    @jrgensther / Via

    oh no... #fyp #ohno #bunny #foryou @victorianyflot

    ♬ Capone - Oh No - 由user043998上传

    12. And to anyone who can actually roller skate - I am thoroughly impressed:

    A little girl is about to fall while roller skating
    @mariaaangeless/ / Via

    #fyp #parati #xzybca

    ♬ Capone - Oh No - 由user043998上传

    13. I can very much feel this woman's anxiety through my screen:

    A woman sits on a chairlift with her cell phone in hand
    @johnnygierat / Via

    the look on her face gets me every time 😂😂😂 #fyp #foryou #viral

    ♬ Capone - Oh No - 由user043998上传

    14. This one thankfully did not turn out as bad as it could have:

    A woman sits in a bathtub as the glass door falls down
    @hannahreif_ / Via

    reposting this until it goes viral #fyp #viral @lyndsay_ml

    ♬ Capone - Oh No - 由user043998上传

    15. This mouse was ready to make a run for it:

    A woman looks under her living room chair for something
    @savsprad19 / Via

    #fyp #ohno #foryoupage

    ♬ Capone - Oh No - 由user043998上传

    16. And everyone here clearly knew this was a very close call:

    A cheerleaders flies through the air after two men fail to catch her
    @_lilylyon15 / Via

    i almost died but at least i’m covid free #maskon #fyp #foryou #longtime #nopost #getmefamous

    ♬ Capone - Oh No - 由user043998上传

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