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    Madelaine Petsch Says Luke Perry Helped Her Cope With Intense Online Bullying After "Riverdale" Premiered

    "I was massively bullied online. I was crying in bed every night."

    Madelaine Petsch has a lot of reasons to thank her late Riverdale costar Luke Perry — starting with the incredible advice he gave her before his death.

    Luke and Madelaine pose together on a red carpet
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    In fact, in a recent interview, Madelaine called Luke her on-set "oracle" who she'd go to when she needed help.

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    Madelaine revealed that when Riverdale first premiered, she was having an extremely difficult time dealing with online bullying and decided to turn to Luke.

    Luke and Madelaine pose together on a red carpet
    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for The CW

    "I was massively bullied online. People would call me a bitch all the time. I was crying in bed every night,” Madelaine told Cosmopolitan.

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    Thankfully, Luke was there to lend a helping hand, telling her that the major reason people didn't like her was because she was so convincing in her role as mean girl Cheryl Blossom.

    She says Luke also encouraged her to delete her Twitter, but unfortunately unplugging didn't give her the sense of relief she had hoped for. Instead, she turned to YouTube.

    “I called up my team and was like, ‘I love my job, but this is hard for me.’ And one of my team members was like, ‘Maybe you should make a YouTube channel and show them how dumb and weird you are?’” Madelaine explained. She shared her first video in 2017:

    View this video on YouTube

    Madelaine Petsch / Via

    Since then, she's shared over 100 videos, letting the world get to know the real Madelaine.

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    Check out her most recent video below...

    View this video on YouTube

    Madelaine Petsch / Via

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